[UT2004] Battle Bikes v1.1

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Jump in a armed Motorcycle take off do tricks like 180 360’s and flips, Pick up passengers.




Author: cyberhawk

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[UT2004] Battle Bikes v1.1
Version: 1.1
9.8 MiB

3 comments to [UT2004] Battle Bikes v1.1

  • Avatar Andrew  says:

    This is a great mod! It works as a great replacement for the scorpion on VCTF maps. I would love to see the source code for this so I could tweak some of the physics and speed :)

  • cyberhawk cyberhawk  says:

    I can extract all the classes out of it for you if you want?

  • Avatar Ricky  says:

    Hey cyberhawk, I think this mod file missing the texture file BattleBikes_Tex.Utx

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