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Soldier with a choice of 6 different camo fatigues by cyberhawk.  Swapped out heavy backpack for one with a lower profile.

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[UT2004 Mutator] IK-STEALTH-V3

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The 3rd Installment of the IK-STEALTH by cyberhawk.  The only major change is that it now has arms for realism.

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Latest Vids From Epic Games on “Project UT”

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[wp-respnsive-video source=”youtube” id=”P0FKjMhqEJI”] [wp-respnsive-video source=”youtube” id=”z8Nlz7XonCs”] [wp-respnsive-video source=”youtube” id=”Z91EHZTOyJ0″] [wp-respnsive-video source=”youtube” id=”bZqEB3KV_Ew”]
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