About Us

Unreal Central was founded in 2000 as a dedicated Unreal Fan Site by the guys at Live Wire Media Network. Among the staff was:  shortyB (Admin/Webmaster), Jinx9cd (Admin/Webdesigner), Herc (Writer), Precious (Writer), dEaTh_RabBiT (Media/Writer), Dubious (Reviewer), :BowzeR (News), anarchist_viewer (Writer/Reviewer), and Helix (News/Reviewer).  After closing their doors in 2002, Unreal Central laid dormant 4 years until it was resurrected in 2006 by two Unreal Tournament Gamers from the Ìmmørtål Kníghtz clan,  çyßêrhåwk & ßlåçkholé.  UC reinvented itself and mainly focused on aftermarket content for Unreal Tournament such as:  Mutators, Maps, Models, Skins, Mods, Patches, Scripts, and Admin Tools.  Unreal Central is still going strong with high traffic, which tells a clear story………the Unreal Tournament Series will not be shelved by UT Fans!  Epic Games created something special and it’s something that cannot be replicated by any other gaming company to date.

Unreal Central’s prime mission is the preservation of the precious UT Creations released since 1999.  We’ve all seen many UT download sites vanish overnight taking their files with them.  UC is a fantastic place to showcase all your hard work and keep it safe.  Unreal Central is also a great news source and will keep you updated on the latest from Epic Games as well as many product reviews and tips.

UC wants to thank everyone in the UT Community that keep the game alive through their masterful content.  LONG LIVE UT!!!!

Unreal Central Team

Greg Smith aka “çyßêrhåwk”
Sally Brooks aka “Lådyhåwk”
Francis Briau aka “MrBee”