[UT2004] UTComp v1.7a Final!

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UTComp is a server and client side mutator for UT2004 that adds a lot of cool features to the game, such as variable hitsounds, bright skins, colored names, and enhanced netcode. I’ve put this little tutorial together to help you understand and use UTComp when you’re playing on the CTC servers. Please post any feedback or corrections you have.


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[UT2004] UTComp v1.7a Final!
Version: 1.7a
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2 comments to [UT2004] UTComp v1.7a Final!

  • SoL»Lizard  says:

    Do you happen to have the source code to this mutator?

  • SoL»Lizard  says:

    Please contact me via email lizardman6@gmail.com :-)

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