Unreal Tournament 2004 Makes “Top 100” PC Games

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PC Gamer revealed in their September issue “The Top PC Games Of All Time”.  Unreal Tournament 2004 came in at a respectable 59th position.  Here’s what the judges had to say….

“I rarely react physically to games, but an Instagib standoff has me twisting my whole shoulder to mash “A” and “D” as I feint and cartwheel, wholly consumed by a dodge, shoot, dodge deathbeam tango with a golden robot.”  ~Tyler

“Instagib is the purest FPS drug ever.”  ~Evan

“I always preferred Quake 3, but there’s UT’s mutator variety still drew me in.”  ~Graham

This Epic Games sequel was right on target with it’s audience with improved graphics and vehicle support without compromising the overall feel and appeal of the original.  Unreal Tournament 2004 was released in 2004 March 16, 2004 and is still going strong amongst the FPS scene.  Touching on what Graham said,  custom mutators and maps breathe life into any game.  Another reason I believe the game is still popular is due to the current pc standards.  The requirements to run the game are well within the specs of an integrated graphics system that you’d find at Walmart, making it a great stress reliever at the office while on your lunch break.   This happens more than you might think. ;)


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