The Future of “Unreal Tournament” Begins Today!

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Epic Games’ Stacey “Flak” Conley (Community Manager), David Spalinski (Lead Level Designer), and Steve Polge (Sr. Programmer/Project Lead) announced today on Twitch that there will indeed be another Unreal Tournament and the development begins TODAY!  The game title is “Unreal Tournament” and will not be a continuation of the story’s timeline.  Think of it as a complete reboot using UE4.

“Unreal Tournament will be developed in the open, as a collaboration between Epic and UE4 developers and with the input of fans and gamers.” ~Source:

Unreal Tournament will be FREE to play and will be using the Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

Want to participate & give feedback?  Head on over to the Unreal Engine Forum and sign up.

For the full announcement, watch the video below:


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